Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Route 66 - Blue Ford in Holbrook

I love to just drive and see what is out there. On a road trip it takes me forever to get anywhere because I keep stopping and exploring little ruins and other sites along the way. I love to take the back roads and stay off the highway. This spring break a friend and I ventured to Vegas and on the way home we stopped for the night to stay at the wigwam motel. This is the second time I've stayed at this Route 66 classic and it is always so much fun for the kids. The family has classic cars sitting around the parking lot and it is just such a great place to get some pictures. This is done with two exposures merged using HDR. I saturated the blue paint and the red rust for fun.

I have so many photos taken and just archived that I really need to get to work on them. I hope your like this new addition to my collection.

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