Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another giveaway - Butterfly Gift Tags

As I finished these gift tags last night I thought wouldn't they be a nice thing to give away. Okay, not a free $30 shopping spree in my stores (click to find out more), but still very nice. So here it is.
You can win four queen butterfly gift tags, two of each color/design shown here. Each, as a set of four, will be offered in my handmade card shop on etsy. Just leave a comment and make sure I can contact you when it is time to claim your prize.
Shipping is free, even internationally. Nothing to lose, just some cute cards to gain.

I will pick a winner on Sunday right after picking the winner of the shopping spree. Feel free to enter both giveaways.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Giveaway Time: Shopping spree with LJDesignphoto.

Here we go again, time for a Bloggy Giveaway!!! This time I'm offering a $30 shopping spree (with free shipping) in my etsy stores and my personal site You get to pick your prize if my daughter picks your name out of a hat on November 2nd. You can chose from prints, cards, magnets, gift cards, and more (you can even mix and match from my different shops). And don't worry where your from, I will ship internationally.

But first, you do have to do a little something.
-- I need to know what you like from my shops. So go to my website at, my fine art photography etsy shop, or my latest card and tag shop and pick something.
--I also need to be able to contact you, so if you are not a blogger, but wish to enter and don't want to leave an email address in comments you can email me via etsy or my website with your contact info, but be sure to leave a comment and a way to connect the two.

I will close comments on November 1st around 9 PM PST. On Sunday morning I will put the names of everyone entered in a bowl and have my three year old daughter randomly pick a winner. She will just loves playing this important roll. The winner will have five days to claim their prize by sending me a shipping address.

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This giveaway is part of Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival which runs though November 2nd. Check out all the wonderful giveaways and free stuff you can enter to win at

Just FYI: I will not use the info you provide to contact you for any other reason.This really is a free $30 shopping spree, no shipping, no hassle. Thank you for your time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn in New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta

So I continue the story of my busy October and a fun week (see last post for Monday's adventure ). Two weeks ago Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was in full swing. My friend Mandy asked me if I would like to go down to see the special shapes take off on Thursday morning with her and another friend. I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea. We decided to leave a little later then recommended because we all have small kids and getting them up too early would just lead to melt downs later in the day.

The morning started off not so well, my alarm not going off and Mandy's call to see where I was woke me up. I told her to go without me and I would catch up with them at the fiesta. I grabbed clothes, my daughter, and the lunch and bags I packed the night before (good thing I did.) I ended up about 10 to 15 minutes behind them, and as I drove into Albuquerque I saw that most of the balloons were up and taking off already. My daughter enjoyed seeing the special shapes from the car because you could see a ton from the highway. There were flowers, a cow, bees, beer, and so much more.

We were so late that there was no one taking money for parking or at the ticketing gate. Basically the big event of the morning was done and they were not expecting anyone to bother coming so late. But after an hours drive and with friends already there, I was going. And I'm glad I did.

I knew that there was still a competition on the field, something about trying to hit a target as you drop something from your balloon as you fly by. Sounded interesting and with a nice large grass field it was a great place for the kids to play.

The target competition was great to watch. I was amazed how many times the balloons circled back around to take another turn to try for the target. And while I didn't get to see the balloons as they got set up and took off, I did get to watch them fly and they flew close, at times almost touching down. Also, I was glad to see the traditional shapes and colors.

Next year I'm hoping to get there very early and see the balloons that fly before the sun rises. I love the idea of the glow and rise in the dark. Hopefully my alarm will go off next time.

Here are some photos from the day. Again visit my Etsy Fine Art Photography store to purchase prints.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall: Aspens and the First Snow

Life has been so busy lately that I've been terrible about posting. I've been so busy with Autumn activities and illnesses that I'm behind, again. But that isn't going to keep me from posting the wonderful fun I had two weeks ago.

Sunday, about two weeks ago, the first snow fell at Ski Santa Fe, a skiing facility in the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico. The next morning my husband and I drove up the mountain to view the fall foliage. This trip was planed for a week, but the first snow of the season was a bonus. It was my first time on a chair lift, and it was beautiful. Here are some photos:

As you can see it was a beautiful morning. These photos of the first snow are available through my etsy shop, LJDesignphoto.

My second installment about my busy week/month is Autumn in New Mexico: Balloon Fiesta.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Gift and Thank You Tags Accomplished

So finally on to my update from the second of yesterdays Tackle It projects.

The dinning room table is, mostly, cleared (some things I need to mail out and my address book are still sitting on top) and about 70 more tags are done.
I like the results and will be listing them in my new esty card store very soon. Once they are listed I will add links to the photos so they are easy to find.

So here is my clean(er) table:
And this tag is my Autumn Thanks. A simple be elegant 2 x 2 inch card to tuck in with a gift or lunch. A simple why to say thanks. It is blank inside for your personal note.
Here is a Pink Butterfly Thanks mini card. Great for all ages.
I made another butterfly card with fall colors that works well for men too.
This little smile card is great for any note. Great for to tuck in a pocket, lunch, or to say thanks.
"Wish" mini card is one of my favorite little cards. And the last little card is this white flower on dark purplish pink. I haven't come up with a title for it yet.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tags and Sausa - Tackle it Tuesday

The last few weeks have been super busy. In a good way, with visits from parents, fun events like the balloon festival, a ride on a ski lift (for the first time), and a lunch date with my hubby. It was wonderful, but now it is time to get some things done.
I can't seem to get ahead in any thing, but today I will tackle a new blog post (done), make cooked salsa using tomatoes from our small garden, and make lots of tags for my new etsy shop of handmade cards and gift tags. And hopefully at the end of the day I have a cleaned up dinning room.

You will have to wait for the after photos. I will post them late tonight, or early tomorrow.

For more inspiration on tackling your to do list visit 5 Minutes for Mom's Tackle it Tuesday post and list.


Yea! Salsa is done. And lots of it:

The top smaller bowl is a salsa for children. I has mostly tomato in it to make it mild and is cooked so that it will not go bad and make them sick.

Next is a bowl of the salsa for children. My daughter kept running into the kitchen to see if her salsa was done yet.
Once I said yes, she dug right in. It is one great way for children to get their vegetables.
Tags and clean table to come. That is my after dinner project.


Gift and Thank you tags are finish and table cleared. See post above for images and more.

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