Sunday, February 24, 2008

White Tulips, Valentines, and so little time

I had a few minutes today and thought I would post a photo of the beautiful white tulips that I received for Valentines.

I can't believe how fast Valentine's Day came and went. I've been wanting to get a few new post up, but never seem to have the time to get my thoughts together properly. My daughter is two and a half and requires a lot of time from me, between potty training, playdates, and reading time just to name a few. Also, she has recently stopped falling asleep during nap time, and I need to come to grips that I may not have my two hours of quite time to get things done anymore.

One of the best things about Valentines Day this year was the MOMS Club party we had for the kids. They each decorated a bag for their valentines. They looked so cute all in a row I had to share.

I hope your day was a sweet as mine.


Bridgette W said...

The tulips were gorgeous. Glad you had such a nice day!

BClark said...

Ah, but that is the beauty of a blog, you don't have to have your thoughts together,lol. Your tulips are beautiful I love when I get real living type goodies. Enjoy your time with your daughter, it passes so soon. I can say this now as mine is in her 40's and I miss when she was small and cuddly and thought I was wonderful. Barbara

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