Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Desert in Bloom, more to enjoy

I'm home and trying to catch up with everything. Cleaning the house, RV, and clothes, updating my etsy store, and catching up with friends and family. Not really doing well at it, but maybe I'll be caught up soon.
I did finally get more photos on Flickr. They are of the flowers that I took during our trip. The drive to California was beautiful and the last night we spent all by ourselves camped in an canyon on BLM land. It was so quite and peaceful, sometimes I wish I could live there.

I was disappointed to head home, but the necessity of getting things done came to be as it always does. The next day after arriving home we had snow in the high desert. I live at around 3000 ft and the snow didn't stick by the house, but it did in the surrounding mountains. It is strange how warm an beautiful it was one day and how cold it was the next. Luckily it is starting to warm up again and hopefully the wild flowers will be around my house soon.

Enjoy the flowers. Oh, and you can click on them to reach my flicker account to see more.







Scott Bulger Photography said...

Nice use of Depth of Field, Lorissa. Well done. You live in a beautiful part of the country.

Leah said...

Beautiful pictures! I've never been in the desert for the spring wildflowers, it looks like it was spectacular.

BClark said...

Oh, Lorissa,
Your pictures are beautiful as always! I am glad you had a nice trip that allowed you to have some picture time. Best to you, Barbara

Smarty Pants said...

Those photos are beautiful...I love wildflowers! I can't wait until my yard is full of them.

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