Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Gift and Thank You Tags Accomplished

So finally on to my update from the second of yesterdays Tackle It projects.

The dinning room table is, mostly, cleared (some things I need to mail out and my address book are still sitting on top) and about 70 more tags are done.
I like the results and will be listing them in my new esty card store very soon. Once they are listed I will add links to the photos so they are easy to find.

So here is my clean(er) table:
And this tag is my Autumn Thanks. A simple be elegant 2 x 2 inch card to tuck in with a gift or lunch. A simple why to say thanks. It is blank inside for your personal note.
Here is a Pink Butterfly Thanks mini card. Great for all ages.
I made another butterfly card with fall colors that works well for men too.
This little smile card is great for any note. Great for to tuck in a pocket, lunch, or to say thanks.
"Wish" mini card is one of my favorite little cards. And the last little card is this white flower on dark purplish pink. I haven't come up with a title for it yet.


Kelly Drill said...

I saw those tag pics on the FAM ning page, but didn't know they were yours. Those rock!

Momma J said...

Such pretty tags!


BadCat said...

those are really, really pretty! Your table looks nice too :)

Patrice said...

Those tags are sooo darn cute!

Allie said...

Oh, Lorissa, they look beautiful! I love "wish" so much! Congratulations on your Tackle it Tuesday accomplishments! Great job! :), allie

Candy Bello said...

cute tags!


Andrea Baker said...

Your table is beautiful and your tags are wonderful!!!

Great tackle!!!

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