Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentines for the Class

If you were reading in my blog during the summer or have every gone back in blog post, you know that my daughter started preschool this year. And with preschool the start of many school projects and activities to fill up our time also begins.
With Valentines coming up we parents were informed that her class will be exchanging valentines and having cookies that day. We were asked to send 20 valentines with only our child's name on them so they were easy to distribute.
Well, my daughter loves to "craft" and wanted to make her own. I thought we'd better get started now, because if we didn't they might never get done.
First we searched some internet sites together for ideas, and when she saw the Valentine mouse on that was all she wanted to make.

They are actually fairly easy to make, but a little frustrating at times for a three year old, that is when there are 20 to make. The whiskers, which I made, were the worst part, but that is just because they are so small. We decided that instead of adding a note to the tail that we would glue dot them to a heart shaped card. I think they turned out really cute.

It actually took us two days to finish because we ran out of eyes googly eyes, so I had to run to the craft store while she was in school during the morning. It was a really fun project to do together and enjoy some time together doing something different. I hope your Valentine is as sweet as ours has started off.


Unknown said...

How adorable!!! Bet she just LOVED making those adorable Valentines!!

Momma J said...

So cute!


Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Those turned out adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Truly adorable stuff for Valentines Day...

Lo Christine said...

Very cute, this is a great idea!

Sidewing Creations said...

This is so cute! Wish I had this idea when my kids were little. Guess I'll have to hang on to the idea for the grankids when they finally come along! :)

New England Quilter said...

Too cute lj!

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