Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Poor Cherry Tree

Oh the fun of learning to take care of new things.

I've never had and ornamental cherry tree until this last year and it is one of the reasons we loved the house when we saw it. Last year when we first look at the house as potential buyers the tree was in full bloom and looked so beautiful. This year we were looking forward to enjoying it's beautiful blooms daily, but unfortunately it hardly bloomed this year.

The main reason, I believe, was the two late snows we had while the buds were just coming out. After the second snow most of the small unopened flowers just started to fall off the tree. While I got some lovely shots of early blossoms with snow on them, we never got to enjoy the tree in full bloom.

Not all the blooms fell off before flowering, and up until yesterday it still had a patch of flowers here and there. Here are some photos of it's last flowers.


Winklepots said...

That's how I felt about our tulips. Every year, the week they bloom, we inevitably get a wind storm and *poof* the petals are all blown away. Sigh. Now I have to wait for next year. :oP
Beautiful photos though, Lorissa!

Kelly Warren said...

very pretty....i have a heck of a time just keeping my geraniums watered. ;-) except, of course, for the past four days when it has not...stopped...raining.

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