Sunday, May 16, 2010

Village of the Past

Each time I wander the southwest I seem to be called back to a small group of prehistoric, Puebloan-era villages located in the southeastern corner of Utah. Hovenweep National Monument, a landscape of canyons and mesa tops, is a small but captivating part of our National Park System. I don't know if it is the beautiful ruins, the natural, undeveloped nature, or just the its solitude of that draws me, but I find each time it is worth the drive.

There are 6 villages in the area, but the Square Tower Group is the easiest to access and was the largest of the villages. Here is a view of some of its ruins from inside the canyon in the late morning. (I had hope to get out at sunrise, but it was raining and I was not prepared for rain.) You can see how the rocks have shifted over time and part of the ruins have fallen into the canyon. Still the towers that are still standing are very interesting. As I walk the trail I find it difficlut to believe that 500 people lived in this village. The historians base this figure on the nearly 30 kivas that they have found hidden around the village.
Of course I have more photos to share and hope to get to them soon.
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