Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet Little Humming Birds

Check out my etsy store for my newest item, a set of 5 Humming bird Note cards. This series was taken over a couple of weeks. It was a thrill to watch the babies grow and finally fly away. We have lots of birds visit our feeders, but humming birds are my favorite.

Each card has information on the back, a little bit about hummingbirds and/or the time it was taken. They are made with acid free card stock. The cards are 5x7 folded with a 4x6 size photo and blank inside. I sign each card (but not the photo) and can be easily framed.


Unknown said...

I love your hummingbird series- they are so cute and it is neat to watch the progression of the babies.

luv4sams (Lisa) said...

LJ, your blog looks fantastic and I luv the hummingbirds!

luv4sams (Lisa) said...

LJ your blog is awesome!

New England Quilter said...

What a sweet note card set!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, love your blog!

Carry Grace said...

LJ, this is great set of cards!

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