Sunday, November 2, 2008

And now for the Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really enjoy doing giveaway's and I think it is a great way to introduce my blog and stores to new people from all over. Also, I really enjoy reading all the positive comments and love to see what people are drawn too.

Some of my favorite comments this time are:
Mistress Meeyee said who said, "Cedar Pipeline Ranch, NV..Thats the one that caught my eye the most.Breathtaking and somewhat lonely,I love it."
It is a lonely area and it is nice to know that I captured that and the beauty of the area in the photo.

Kay made me laugh when she said, "Okay so my hubby just about knocked me over to look at your route 66 series. He is a rusty crusty car guy.
Your art work is amazing. Thanks for the chance to win some!"
It is funny, I originally only photographed old cars, route 66, ghost towns, and landscapes. When I did art shows, men would linger in my booth, but I had very few sales to women.

Elsie said, "The photo of the Kelso Dunes in the Mojave National Preserve would be a treasure to me, to look at, as I listen to the music of the Southwest and to the drummers drumming...I can imagine animals, nature's wind and sun, and people weaving their way through this fantastic view..."
Thank you Elsie.

Paige said, "I love JOY- a study of motherhood. I wish I had a picture of me with my girls like that. Can you come and take one for me?"
Thank you, part of photography for me is capturing the moment and this to me is a great example of that.

OH, and there are so many more. Thank you everyone who participated!!!! As a special thanks I'm going to offer everyone 20% off one item from my etsy stores. Just use coupon code fallgive20, and wait for a revised invoice to pay. This offer is got though December 21st, 2008 and is limited to participants of my Fall Bloggy Giveaway.

I know, but what about the winner. Who Won??

After writing everyone's name (and comment number) on a slip of paper each, folding them

and mixing them up in a bowl, my daughter mixed them again.

And picked out just one.

The winner is Andrea Baker of Handmade by Andrea Baker. She has won a $30 shopping spree. I wonder what she will choose, especially since her husband is a wonderful photographer, too.

But wait!!!!! I decided to giveaway second place prizes; 50% off one item in any of my shops, to 10 more winners, since that is about as high as my daughter can count without swiching numbers and getting frustrated (she is only three).
And the second place winners are:
eyeslikesugar (80)
kristinwynder (68)
jessica (25)
pastormac's ann (79)
Katrina (101)
Sarah M (58)
Karen&co. (95)
Oh Mandi (29)
leigh (37)
altermyworld (8)

I will contact each of the second place winners with information on how to recieve your discount.

Now for the Winner of the Second contest, The Butterfly Gift Cards. This was a bit easier with only 39 entries to write on paper. Again, my daughter mixed them up and picked one.

(Isn't this a great felted bowl? I got it from Valeriesgallery on )

And the winner is:

Thank you, again, to everyone who participated. Please come back and visit me again here at my blog, in my stores, or become a fan on Facebook at LJ Design Photo.

And now for the small print: I will be sending email to all of the winners. Winners have a week to email me back and claim their prize. The shopping spree and 50% one item must be used before the end of 2008, hopefully sooner. If I winners have not contacted me to claim their prizes by Sunday, Nov. 8th, new winners will be chosen and notified.


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet of you, i will def keep your blog bookmarked and should i want to purchase something will come take a look see, thank you again, You're very nice to give consolation prizes. :)

Andrea Baker said...

Yay!! I won I won I won!!! Sweet!!!!

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