Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Journey of Motherhood Celebrated in Art

Recently I was contacted by Rachel Leavitt of the blog "The Beginning of Motherhood" about an online exhibition she is hosting called "The Journey of Giving Birth". She asked if I would be interested in contributing anything from my motherhood series, and in particular my photo "Touch". It sounded like a great oppertunity and I sent her a few photos and info on them to use in her blog.
Her blog is about what she has learned though giving birth and motherhood and is very touching. Many of her post are about the feelings of becoming a mother and how motherhood starts with the birth.
Right now the exhibit includes three artists; Erika Hastings, Eugenia Algaze Garcia, and myself. I believe she is hoping to expand it in the future. This is a beautiful way to celebrate mothers, birth, and motherhood.


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How nice! I'm gonna see if I can find her...right after giving birth to Katie -- I actually took a picture (between stirruped legs) that turned out kinda well!

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