Monday, October 12, 2009

Interview with Photographer LJDesignphoto: now on 1000 Markets

I've started listing work for sale on 1000Markets, this great new marketplace. I'm only a member of three markets so far, but Camera Angles, a group of all photographers, is one of my favorites. Recently BriefMoments, who help write the market's blog, asked me to do an interview and she just posted it. She asked me some questions that no one has before, so I thought it would be go to share it with the readers of my blog. To find the interview click here, Photographic Reflections: LJ Design & Photo.
To find my 1000Markets shop use this link: LJDesignphoto Americana and Route 66 Fine Art Photography. I've been trying to add new images every week and it where you will find my newest work.

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