Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple School Valentine Gifts

Happy Valentine's Day.  I had planned on putting up this post weeks ago, but better late then never.
My daughter loves to give gifts and she always crafting something.  A few years ago, thanks to a gift from her aunt, she learned to make bottle cap magnets.  She makes them throughout the year when she is in the mood.   While looking though them we realize we had just enough heart and sweet themed ones to give as a valentine this year. In addition to the magnets, I had already purchased bags, pencils and candy for her to give.  The last piece of this years gift was the free stickers that, which I created a valentine theme on  with the colors and message.

In the end it became a simple project of just assembling a fun bag to give out to her classmates. We put the photo sticker on the outside of each bag, then stuff the bags with goodies. In each bag there are two chocolate hearts, one handmade magnet and a valentine pencil.

Just a little tie of bakers twine and we were done.  Cute and easy.

Another idea for simple and unique valentine is a red burlap sewn heart.  
This is a craft that I used in my toddler storytime.  Younger then 5 this craft does take a little help from a parent, but most school aged children can master this craft with just a little insturction.  With a simple square of burlap, some yarn and a plastic yarn needle a child can easily make a sweet valentine. Start by drawing a light outline of a heart.  Next, start a running stitch, by going down first a the top center of the heart.  Leave the tail of the yarn sticking out and untied.  A running stitch is simple for children and they just need to follow the line the you or they have already made. Lastly, when you get back to where you started, just tie the two ends together in a simple knot or bow.

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs and Kisses.

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