Monday, April 28, 2008

Looking for something fun for Father's Day?

I know, we haven't even gotten past Mother's day yet. And if you haven't gotten you mother a gift yet you could consider one of my flower photos, or a great magnet. Just check out my etsy shop. There is still plenty of time to ship.

But now I've gone off in the wrong direction. This post is about Father's Day. And what father isn't a classic car lover. Check out this tee-shirt with one of my best selling Route 66 Red Corvette prints on it. I offer the tee -shirt in my Cafepress shop in many styles. There are also a few other images to choose from.The image is also available in a limited edition fine art photograph. You can order this from my etsy shop or my website at .

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Winklepots said...

That shirt is too cool! I already love that print, but it looks awesome as a tee!
Your blog looks fab too. :o)

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