Sunday, April 6, 2008

A new ACEO - Pure

I completed and listed a new ACEO this weekend. I think this one would be great as a mother's day gift. I'm really excited to be offering them in my store and I'm having a lot of fun making them. Lots of ideas for new ones, now I just need to find the time.

This one has a brad in it so that the photo moves. The front says "Pure" and the back says "Joy."

I also purchased some envelopes and I'm decorating them to match the card.

I'm very excited about this new direction. In celebration I'm am offering free shipping to anywhere in the US this month. Just put "Blog -FreeShip" in the notes to seller and I will send you a revised invoice. For international customers I'll reduce the shipping, taking the price of us shipping off, just use the same code.


New England Quilter said...

This one captures the closeness between a mama and her little one. Brilliantly done!

Erin Gustafson said...

These are the days - you'll remember - love that Natalie Merchant song... with my kids mine are more like these are the moments - rare and precious and so fleeting it seems! Beautiful card!

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