Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview with 5 Minutes for Mom

If your a Mom you may have noticed many mom related sites popping up everywhere. Each has a different focus and reason for being. I love to visit Mom sites because I get new ideas and different points of view. One of my favorites is 5 Minutes for Mom. This site is very diverse and their goal is to bring moms together. They have a very active blog with many contributers, a list of readers blogs and interviews, and a list of websites and web stores by reader Moms. This is a great way to find the things we need and support other mom's in the process. They also have some fantastic contest with great giveaways.

Yesterday I got a email from them letting me know that my interview has been posted along with a link to my blog. If your interested in reading it here is the link:
I'm really excited and hoping it brings me some new readers.

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kiddlebug said...

I love the sites that I have found that are written by Moms. There are times when you feel that no one feels the same way that you do, then you realize that you are nowhere near alone!

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