Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Happen to Tuesday!!

Just when I thought I could handle making sure I post one day a week at minimum and a specific theme on that day, I fail.

But I failed for good reason. I spent the morning packing, because we are moving in two weeks, then I suddenly had to drive my daughter to the Doctor during my afternoon me/writing time. She had a little problem and they told me to bring her right away just to be sure.
My daughter napped on the way there (our Pediatrician is an hour away)and the unscheduled appointment took three hours because they wanted a urine sample. My poor little girl who didn't have to go when we got there, and is just learning to potty train. Turns out that it was nothing that cream couldn't cure.

So I didn't get my Tuesday Mother Road post finished. Motherhood and moving got in the way. But I am hoping that I have a quiet hour tomorrow to post a wonderful photo from last summer's Route 66 trip.

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