Friday, August 1, 2008

And now to Announce a winner! And a Bonus!

This week has been a tough one, but has had some highlights like at the great entries to my giveaway. Why tough? Well, my daughter was sick a the start of the week and by Wednesday I was down and out myself. I'm so glad to have a small family so once we have all caught the cold or flu the sooner it is over.

But this isn't what you've come for, you're wonder, "Did I win? If not, who did?" You might even be wondering which print the winner choose. (And don't forget to check out the spectacular Bonus offer at the bottom of this post!!!!)

Let's start with getting ready to pick a winner. I spend part of my week cutting up small pieces of paper on my rotary cutter (this was paper with printer marks, or bends, that needed to be recycled in some way) and writing the names of each person who entered along with the number of the comment, just to be sure I had the correct name in case of repeats.
I put these into my favorite blue bowl, and thought, wow 113 doesn't look like a lot in this bowl. This AM, after the last entry was in I asked my DH (darling husband) to mix them up really good.
Then I asked my DD (darling daughter) to pick one out of the bowl and show me what it said. (Cute outfit isn't it? Traci of iSassy custom made it for her. She loves it.)
And the Winner is:
Misty!!!! Let me know your address via email so I can send you your prize.

And what did Misty choose? My Bleeding Hearts Limited Edition Print.Thank you to everyone who Participated!!! I have really enjoyed your wonderful comments.


I would like to offer 20% off any purchase over $10 from my etsy store, including special orders, though the end of August. Just use the code "JulyGiveAway" in the notes to seller, and don't pay until I send you a revised invoice. Also, any purchase from now until Aug. 10th will give you an entry into the FAM B2S Treasury hunt where you could win $100 in FAM bucks to use in participating FAM stores, including mine. Visit the FAM Blog for more information.


"J" said...

Congrats to the winner!!!! =)

luv4sams (Lisa) said...

Luv your blog LJ!

Andrea Baker said...

Congratulations Mysty! That is a beautiful print and I'll be you know just where your going to hang it at! Its beautiful!

misty said...

Thanks so much. It is a very beautiful picture.

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