Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Filling Blank Walls - Tackle It!

If you have been following my blog or life at all for the past few months you know in June my family moved from Kingman, AZ to Santa Fe, NM. This move was very sudden because, after looking for three years, we finally found a house we love.

So we moved in early June and had to get lots of things right way because we didn't bring a lot of furniture with us. This was actually fun and exhausting. We were able to get some great deals via consignment shops, but we still have some things to get, like something for the TV in the Family room.

Even though we have some things to still get, I'm finally feeling like I can hang some of the artwork I've collected . I was afraid before that the spot wouldn't work with the furniture we had yet to purchase and that I would end up moving it all and putting to many holes in the loved paint job that the previous owned did.

So today my goal is to hand what I have framed and plan the framing and spots for those items I do not have framed. By the end of the day I'm hoping to no longer have artwork just sitting on the floor in my hallway, dinning room, the living room and elsewhere.

Many of the pieces I'm planing on hanging are my own, including my Goldfield Garage Photograph, with the classic truck and blue sky, but I have some lovely things by other artist too.

Anthony Foronda, a super great illustrator and artist, was a friend and co worker back in my Dali Museum days. When I graduated from college my mother commissioned him to do painting just for me (he also, as a graduation present painted my cap and gown which someday I will figure out out to fame.) This painting will donate our living room and I'm so excited to have a wonderful place to display it.

The Family room will be dominated by Marisa Hopkins of Elegant Snobbery. I have a few of her cupcakes, one an original, and these two wonderful prints. In Our Hand, with the little girl hugging the animals, will look great with the custom illustration I ordered to go with it (will have to post it when she is done). The illustration of Jimmy in Flight, the sock monkey, will be going into DD room. I ordered it because she said she loved it.

As you can see, I have a lot to get done today. The prints that need frames won't get finished today, but just deciding on and ordering the right frames is an accomplishment.

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And if your interested on seeing how it turns out, I will post it tomorrow. Tonight I have a date with DH for my birthday.
Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I'm done, see Ghost Towns, Landscapes, and More Now Decorate the Walls to see how it turned out.


Novita said...

I like the color of your wall Lorissa, very warm feeling. By the way, isn't that monkey adorable!! ;)

Novita said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the wall colors...can not wait to see it all done...beautiful choices so far...love the one with Jimmy!!! Enjoy your new home, lorissa!

Andrea Baker said...

I love the wall color and the way it was painted. And that little arched hold in the wall is adorable!!!

April said...

wow, you're a busy girl!

Morgan said...

good for you

now if only I could get my butt in gear

Unknown said...

I love all of your artwork! And I'm so glad you see your own work framed!! Thanks so much for, not only being a customer of mine, but loving my work enough to include it with your blog :)

Abby said...

Great artwork! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I hope you had a fabulous DATE for your BIRTHDAY tonight!!

Anonymous said...

That's also why I like being "in charge" of tackle it Tuesday, because then I really really have to get something done :o)

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