Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ghost Towns, Landscapes, and More Now Decorate the Walls

I told you I would tackle getting things up on my walls. Finally! I just took my time today getting this post up because it is my birthday and I didn't want to work too hard.

I still have to wait for my cupcake frames from American Frame, but I've got the entry, living room, kitchen, and dinning room done for now.

Do you like it?
First I have Goldfield Garage and Goldfield Night next to my dinning room hutch (which I just love). These two ghost town photos were taken on my honeymoon road trip. Goldfield is a mining town north of Las Vegas, NV that once posted the grandest hotel in the Southwest. Today that hotel is one of the southwest's most haunted hotels and the town is slowly disappearing around it. The garage I hear is no longer there, but it was on the main highway though town. The shacks in Goldfield Night are in the back of the Santa Fe Saloon, the oldest continuously operated saloon in Nevada.
On the opposite wall in the dinning room I hung my New Mexican Church, taken in Golden New Mexico, and a photo of the Upper Colorado River, taken on our way to Moab, Utah last summer. Both these photos are available for sale, just LJDesignphoto - Choice from Shop and let me know in the notes that is the photo you would like. I have them in my LJdeisgnphoto photostream on flickr, too.
I filled the niche, for now with a star, a vase, and a matted print of Route 66 that I found on the road.
The entrance has two black and whites on each side. This one is Twisted Tree. I love this photo. I go poked by cactus and had to stand on the edge of a cliff to get it but I like the way the tree leans and the contrast and twist in the trunk. Again available for sale, just go to my etsy shop and let me know which photo you want. On the opposite wall, not pictured, is Kilns and Snow, a limited edition photo taken in Death Valley National Park.
Now in the living room I hung Anthony Foronda's Painting just where I was, just on the wall now. I also put my little Mexican hearts in a vertical row between the heating stove and window. I think they are so cute.

When I get my cupcakes and sweet little girls from ElegantSnobbery aka Marisa Hopkins framed and up I will share. Hopefully they will be here soon.


kim* said...

your house is very pretty

Unknown said...

Very nice looking place, Lorissa!! Your wall paint job is FABULOUS!!

New England Quilter said...

Your walls look beautiful!

April said...

can i move in??? everything looks great!!!

Carry Grace said...

LJ, everything is coming together so nicely! Just beautiful.

RetroRugrats said...

Love the theme. Congrats on getting a big job done, hope you had a sweet birthday.

Annie Howes said...

Wow! Great job, Lorissa! It took us 6 months to dress up our walls when we moved.


Andrea Baker said...

Looks beautiful!

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