Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Route 66 Items and Getting Things Accomplished

It is so quiet my mind is wondering. I've been going and going for days, first traveling and now getting back into our routine. This minute my daughter is napping, something she doesn't do everyday anymore, and while I have lots to do I'm just glad to be sitting down in front of the computer without interruption. Feels so strange and my mind keeps wondering to things I would rather be doing then what I should be doing. A blog post is a good balance of that so here I am. I really need to get a new post up and enjoy writing.

So what was I so busy with this week? I know I missed a whole week of blogging. I went back to Kingman, AZ to visit my mom, my friends, and have a playdate with my daughters best friend. Oh, and to check on our house and get photos and video of our Kingman, AZ home for sale website to help advertise. Anyone want to move to Kingman?

I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I got most of what I wanted to get done accomplished and that was good. I also traveled I-40 back and was able to stop and get some new Route 66 photos along the way. I wish more of the road was left and trying to drive it didn't involve getting on and off the interstate so often.

Here is the one photo that I did finish so far, I even got it listed in my etsy shop.

It is taken in the back of the closed Ortega's Trading Post on Route 66 in Lupton, AZ. This town is on the Navajo Reservation and actually straddles the boarder of New Mexico and Arizona. It is one of my favorite places to drive though becasue the red rock is so beautiful. I often stop at the Arizona rest stop for a brake here just to soak it in.

Before I left for my trip I did list a new item in my shop. A Route 66 Mother Road clock with one of my most popular Route 66 images on it.

I thought it would make a great gift and I could put any of my images on it. I chose this one because I will be happy to have it if it doesn't sell. Just visit the Route 66 photography section of my etsy shop to see these new items.

Oh ,and something totally exciting happened while I was away. I made the Front Page of Etsy for the first time!!! and the featured item sold. Yea! Just click on the link if you'd like to see an image of it.


Bare Bottoms Boutique said...

I love your new photo and that clock is fabulous! Congrats on making the front page, too! :)

Sidewing Creations said...

Showing my age, but... I traveled Route 66. Love the clock!! I will have to come back here now that I found your great blog and also check out your etsy shop!

Unknown said...

You know me... I LOVE your entire Route 66 collection and love how you grow it as well as make home accessories with your prints! So awesome!!

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