Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 - Yes, an Image a Day

I can do that. Something new every day, right?

Okay, so this year I am going to do it, and if I'm on vacation it might just be snap from my phone. I guess we will see how it goes.  I've gotten off to a good start.  Okay, well, that is, once I got started.  I started off the 2013 sick and in bed, so I ended up posting late.  But see what I've done so far! (more info at end...)

Morning snow crystals (1/365 - 3 days late due to illness)
Morning Snow Crystals 1/365

Winter white with Juniper (4/365 - 1 day late -still catching up)
Winter White with Juniper 4/365

Yucca seed pods NM state flower 5/365
Yucca Seed Pods, NM State Flower 5/365

Beach Sunset 2012 (6/365 - the 12th day of Christmas!)
Beach Sunset 2012 6/365
Giving Hearts 8/365
Giving Hearts 8/365
Winter Globe 7/365
Winter Globe 7/365

A's Valentine 9/365
A's Valentine 9/365

So, you many have noticed that some photos look like they were taken on the same day, or in the past.  That is why I'm calling it an Image a day, as a photo a day makes one think of an photo taken that day and that is not exactly what I'm going to do.  I have so much on my computer that I have simply downloaded and never got back to that I need something to motivate me and get this stuff out there. Some days I will take new photos and process them all in one day, sometimes I may just go back to my archives and find something I've been wanting to process, sometimes I may just play around with layers and textures for something fun, and others I may just post something fun from my phone camera.  I'm planning on blogging about the progress I am making in this, so you can come back here every week or so and see what's new or you can follow my 365 set on Flickr at LJLongfellow Photography 365.

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