Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 4 Already? check out my 365

First, I want to say, "Thank you!" to those who have been following my progress.
I have to admit that this week I did not feel inspired.  Many days were busy with catching up on things that didn't get done while my daughter was home sick from school last week. I did try to work more with layers and textures and think I need to start working with actions again, it has been a long time since I made my own.

Much of what I worked on this week is photos of New Mexico.  I guess that is no surprise as I live here. 

New Mexico Rural Road 2 23/365
New Mexico Rural Road 2  23/365
In "New Mexico Rural Road" I love the perspective of the road and fence. The small hill in the background makes you wonder what might the viewer be missing.  I also love how the tree branches arch over and block the view.

Claunch, NM Ghost Town 24/365
Claunch, NM Ghost Town 24/365
This building in Claunch, NM caught my eye because of the green used to seal up the windows.   The color really stood out and it looks great hear against the off-white building and deep blue sky. I used a texture in the sky that mimics the feel of the building.

Lamp 25/365
Lamp 25/365
Okay, this may have been a bit of a cheat.  This is the lamp next to where I often sit at night.  The lamp shade is metal so the light is directed mostly down and though the cut outs.  I used my new Flickr app and one of its preset actions.

Hedgehog Dream 26/365
Hedgehog Dream 26/365
The hedgehog was taken during a photo shoot for a small magazine I do work for.  He was just so cute sitting there in the florist shop.  My 7 year old daughter loves this and wants a copy in her room.

Forest Dream 3 - 27/365
Forest Dream 3 27/365
I saved three different versions of this image.  The first with no textures, just basic Photoshop adjustments, the second with some texture that lightened it and this.  This is my favorite.  I reminds me of dreams I've had. It was taken on a hike at Datil Well Campground.  We stayed there when we went to visit the Very Large Array.

Anyone Listening? 28/365
Anyone Listening? 28/365
This is a very small part of the Very Large Array.  This radio observatory is amazing.  We went on a day they were giving tours and learn a lot.   I tried to texture this as if it was an old postcard.  I love the feel, but I'm not sure if it is for everyone.

self 29/365
self  29/365
I end with a self portrait.  I'm not really a fan of photographing myself and I'm much more comfortable behind the camera.

Have a great week!

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