Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adventures of a Lifetime

The other night I was looking though some of my old Journals and found where I had written down a list based on a TV show I had watched called 101 Things to Do before you die. It was interesting to see what I wrote down in 2001, and how much of it I would still love to do. Here is the list I wrote down:

*See the Aurora Borealis
Skinny dip- done
*Go to the Burning Man festival
*Ride the Orient Express
Visit Time square @ New Years
Visit the Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
*Join and archeological dig.
Visit Keck Lab in Hawaii
*Visit Machu Picchu, "Lost City of the Incas"
*Visit all 16 Smithsonian museums
Visit all the major Museum Cities: Paris, DC., New York, London, Rome -done
Visit Pompeii - done
Visit Area 51 area - done
Soak in the Dead Sea
*Take a journey to the Galapagos Islands
Be James Bond for a day, Visit Flemming's Golden Eye, where the books were written.
Take a screen test
*Visit Iceland's Blue lagoon
Join the circus
Visit Stonehenge
Visit the a rain forest
Visit the wailing wall
Take a trip to see the Titanic ($35,000 in 2001)
*Do the weekend space camp for Adults
And 101 in the program was to Make your own list, set a dead line, and make it happen.

I look at this and think, wow that is ambitious. A few things I have done, like visiting Pompeii, Area 51, New York, Paris, London, and Rome. There are also a few things on the list that I don't think I want to do or just could never manage, like visiting the Titanic, joining a circus, or taking a screen test. But there are a few that I would love to do before I die and I starred those. And lastly, if I was to redo the list today it would include (the stared ones I have already accomplished)

*Become a mother
*Visit Sicily
*Visit the Vatican
*Travel the Western US in an RV
*Learn something new everyday (or at least every week)
Read more of the "classics" (working on it)
Visit the Pyrenees
Visit all 50 States in the US

I just thought I would share this discovery and a view into my past. I do hope to accomplish a lot more before I die. What about you. What is on your list? Have you set a deadline?


Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

So fun to look into the past sometimes. What a fantastic list. You have accomplished some great things off of it!

Allie said...

Wow, Lorissa, isn't it funny how we change in some ways and not at all in others? I swear you fammies inspire me so much. I have a list like that in my head, maybe I need to write it down. Thank you, allie

Momma J said...

Thank you for sharing - what a great list!

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

Thank you both!

Allie, I would love to see your list. Let me know if you post it. Your welcome to post it here too.

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