Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mother Moment

If your a mother, you know that every day, almost every hour something funny comes out of your child's mouth. I do try to record some of the better ones for my scrapbook, though I'm not really great at writing them down, but my daughter just said something that I had to share.

So, she is three and a half and loves to help me around the house. Tonight when I went to change the laundry she asked if she could help. I said she could for a hug. After the hug as we went into the laundry room I told her I really liked hugs.
She said, "I really like kissies" (tried to spell it as she says it, rather then the correct spelling)
"Really?", I said. "I would love a kiss."
So I bent down and she gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. Then right afterward, as she usually does, she wiped her lips with her sleeve.
I said, "What? Didn't you like the kiss? Why did you wipe it off?"
And she said, "I did it because I think it make the love more true."

Boy, how can you argue with that.


Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

kids are so stinkin cute!

Momma J said...

So sweet!

Allie said...

Oh, my goodness, Lorissa. That is priceless!

Anonymous said...

that is so cute! I wonder how she came up with that idea?

ppdesigns said...

so cute - where do they come up with these :)

Cindys Creative Crochet said...

That is just tooo cute! Ah, quotes from kids :)

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