Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Protection? Just say no - CPSIA

I think I'm as confused as the next mom/consumer about the new law from the CPSIA. I understand and respect the idea of the law to protect our children from lead and other substance that can be harmful to their health. I'm even glad that the government is taking notice of all the problems with recalls, but this new law seems to only make it easier for the large toy manufactures that have the large number of recalls. It puts up impossible barriers for smaller toy manufactures, crafters of handmade children's toys, clothes, and other items, and WAHMS (Work at home Moms) who's businesses focus on children's items. And this law has come just when I was finally able to buy handmade items that are safer for my child at a reasonable cost, and support other mothers trying to stay home and care for their children at the same time.

There are so many things wrong with this law and so many people that will be negatively effected that you might be better off reading it from those that have done much more research then I. One blog called Cool Mom Picks has a great post called Save Handmade and explains it well. They have compiled some great resources and articles that will explain the full scope of the law. While this new law does not effect my business it does effect my choices in the market place. Choices that I know are safe, but the testing was in the components, not the final product.

I hope this "Blog - In" day help bring light to this issue and makes the government aware how many people are unhappy with the law. I hope the media start to really cover this issue, too. If you care, please blog, call or email the CPSC, or your contact your congressman. The more voices the more they will have to listen.


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Here, here!!

Unknown said...

Well done!

myminimocs said...

excellent - thank you for sharing this information - together hopefully we can make an impact and get this law amended and focused back onto it's original intent - keeping our children safe!

Winklepots said...

Thanks for blogging about this, Lorissa. It is such a horribly written law and it will affect everyone one way or another. Here's hoping it's amended sooner rather than later to help minimize the damage it's doing.

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